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Manali Blogs

Manali was breathtaking. When I arrived from the washout that was Dharamsala, it was so beautiful to finally see some sun!

That along with tall mountains and beautiful luscious green scenery all around. We got off the night bus at the bus stand in Manali at 6 am pretty delirious as it was a rough ride.

Punjabi music playing all night, a noisy engine, and an old bus that could hardly make it around the turns of the winding road weren’t exactly fun.

But, on the upside, we made it in one piece. There are two parts to the world of Manali.

These are new Manali, which has the congested Mall Road and is not very pretty, and Old Manali which is across the bridge over the Beas river.

Both are an easy 1km walk away from each other so you can get the best of both worlds! Here’s your ULTIMATE Manali travel guide to the hippie town in Himachal.